Inspired In Berlin is coming

Inspired in Berlin is a podcast, a community, and a platform where we bring inspiring people together, to talk about and share on topics that we care about. We are first and foremost inspired by a growth mindset used creatively to make life better for the people and the planet.


Balach is a startup founder, team leader and coach, who loves mindfulness and growth mindset. He values love, joy, and service, in small but frequent bouts.


Nicole supports individuals on their unique journey of self-discovery, helping them reach their aims and gain the most out of life. She values personal freedom, wellbeing, and health.


Zeyu is a designer who travels between physical space and vast imagination. She loves everything that is beautiful and brings value to the masses.


Roman is a technologist and shepherd of teams. He loves creating habits, projects, and teams that positively impact individual lives as well as communities.

You're all set

Now just sit back and relax.