High Performance and Quality of Life

We are Inspired In Berlin

We believe that high performance goes hand in hand with quality of life.

We believe in growing ourselves through consistent learning and dedication.

And we believe that we can support you to be at your best, allowing you to live and work with joy and purpose. 

What you will get

We teach powerful techniques and concepts that facilitate personal transformation. Our core curriculum is designed in such way that with every workshop, event, or individual session, you will develop yourself further.

Our core topics are: emotional intelligence, personal relations, communication skills, an agile mindset, stress management, mindfulness, creativity & productivity, and self-awareness.


Our workshops dive deep into topics pertinent to high performance and quality of life, combining theory and practice to ensure a solid and enjoyable day of learning with powerful tools to take home.

We are currently offering open workshops, and looking for candidate companies to offer our series of workshops to your teams.

Please Get in Touch if you would like us to bring our workshop series or a customized program to your company.


For focused one-to-one sessions, to explore and facilitate your personal development through the use of custom-designed strategies.


Bringing the Inspired Community together regularly, to share our experiences, practice together, and celebrate our acheivements

Meet the Inspired Team

Nicole Pieper

Co-Founder and Director

Nicole has worked in the field of self-development and somatic coaching for over 10 years. 

She is most inspired by the possibility of supporting individuals on their unique journey; helping them unfold and transform in ways that bring them closer to reaching their aims and gaining the most out of their life. Her approach is one of openness and curiosity, with a desire to learn and adapt her skills to the needs of the individual or team. 


Balach Hussain

Co-Founder and Product Lead

Balach brings his decade-long experience of working within the software industry.

Over the years he has led teams of various sizes to not only achieve their goals but do so with joy. 

Balach loves mindful leadership and coaching individuals and teams. 

He recently quit to build his own startups and share his experience with the Inspired Community.

Our Upcoming Workshops

All the workshops are one day long and held on Fridays to ensure minimum disruption to your work, and maximum learning potential. The workshop seats are limited to ensure a good learning experience and exchange between participants.

P.S. We are looking for candidate companies to offer our series of workshops to your teams. Please Get in Touch​ if you would like to discuss details.

All of our workshops are held in Berlin at the beautiful event space of smartHelios, Leipziger Str. 61a, 10117 Berlin​

Getting real with agile

Agile might contain sprints, but it’s more like the longest marathon you ever had to run. And if you’ve ever run a marathon, it’s mostly no fun, but extremely fulfilling at the end of the day.

We think we can change some of that. By acknowledging the difficulty, and working on the high level of training, skill, and energy management needed to truly be agile, you could be one of the few people who actually enjoy the process.

Costs: 756€ p.p. (free of MwSt)

When: Friday October 11th, 2019.

productivity, high performance, sky limit

Productivity and High Performance

What do high performers have in common? How can we train in order to develop consistent results that we can be proud of?

Join us, to learn:

to identify and remove the obstacles that stand in our way
how to optimize our internal & external environment to facilitate personal performance
how to develop a clear and focused mind
how to develop a state of flow
Sprinkle that with a good mix of persistence, self-dependence and discipline and you have a stellar combination that can’t be beat!

Costs: 660€ p.p. (free of MwSt) 

When: Friday, 8th November 2019

Stress management

stress management

Can stress be a good thing? How do you manage your stress? What does that even mean and what can we do before everything becomes too much?

In this one day workshop we will:

Demystify the term “stress” by better understanding what it is 

Understand how it affects us on a physical, mental and emotional level

Look at habits we can develop to prevent chronic or high frequency stress

Train to gain more energy, as well as mental and emotional strength and stability in order to manage even the most challenging situation 

Join us on the 22nd November to manage your stress, increase your resilience, and take on new challenges in life.

Costs: 756€ p.p. (free of MwSt) 

When: Friday, 22nd November 2019

mindful at work

mindful at work

Current research verifies what has been known for thousands of years, that it is as important to train our mind, as it is the muscles of our body. With a mind that is open, versatile, stable and largely unperturbed by external stressors, we have the ability to increase our focus, our creativity, our performance and our enjoyment of whatever it is that we are doing. 

In this one-day workshop we will: 

Take a look at what it means to be mindful

Learn pertinent mindfulness and meditation techniques 

Understand how to harness these techniques in your work-life, so as to have more moments of flow or working “in the zone”

Join us on the 6th December to expand your mind and experience a new form of working, mindfully.

Join us on the 6th December to expand your mind and experience a new form of working, mindfully.

Costs: 839€ p.p. (free of MwSt) 

When: Friday, 6th December 2019

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